Riempie repair and replacement in and around Pretoria

We provide

  • Professional service
  • Quality workmanship and material
  • 12 month guarantee

A riempie stool is not only a stool, it is part of our South African heritage. Did you know there is not an English word for "riempie"? We take pride in preserving our heritage, so how come we offer synthetic as well as genuine leather riempies?

Well, the answer is simply to be practical: leather stretches and sags; and it dries out over time, becomes brittle, and breaks. Synthetic riempies on the other hand will last a lifetime.

Contact us

Telephone: 082 347-2199 (office hours)
You are welcome to contact me by voice call or by WhatsApp.

About us

  • Pretoria Riempies is a one-man organization, providing riempie repair and replacement services to customers in and around Pretoria for the past seven years.
  • I recommend the use of synthetic riempies as they are stronger and longer lasting, however leather riempies can be supplied on request.
  • The repair work is generally done at my home (in Pretoria East) where I have the work space and tools available, so you will be required to transport the chairs.
  • There is a 12 month guarantee on workmanship and material.
  • I'll provide you with a quote and make an appointment with you. I can normally do up to 4 chairs in a day, or 2 chairs if the back and the seat have to be done.